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Why Hipsters Are Wearing Cute Fanny Packs - If you have noticed that fanny packs are not just for senior citizens now, you are not alone. More people than ever before are choosing to don a fanny pack, and some of these people are young hipsters. In fact, many hipsters have incorporated the look of a fanny pack into their style of dress, and you may be wondering what the appeal of a fanny pack is to this particular subculture. With a closer look, you may discover several reasons why you want to purchase a cute fanny pack for your own look.
Vape Culture Vape Culture Is Real: What Is It All About? - Smoking has long been seen as an ideal way to relax and unwind after a hard day, but of course modern times have shown us the health dangers such behavior creates. Fortunately, smoking fans have an alternative method that can be just as relaxing, without those unwanted health side effects. We're talking of course about vaporizers Toronto and e-cigarettes, which give users a perfect option when they're looking to light up with friends and still keep their lungs clean and white. You may have heard about this "vape culture" online and in the media, but what exactly does it mean?
medical marijuana Does Legalization of Medical Marijuana Have An Effect Of Lowering Crime Rates? - The use of cannabis-based for medicinal uses, also called medical marijuana Toronto, is a topic of much debate. Many claim that cannabis has healing properties and can help aid a variety of ailments. However, due to the state of prohibition with regards to cannabis, there have been few studies. Recently, using cannabis for medical purposes has been legalized. This means that people who once turned to the black market for their medicine are now able to get it at state licensed dispensaries. So has this lead to a decrease in the amount of crimes being committed? Read on to find out.
Steel Metal Shingles Basic Properties of Steel Metal Shingles - Steel metal material roofs are one of the most durable materials that a homeowner can put on their roof. These steel shingles are produced by sheet metal fabrication in large sheets and cut up to make the appearance of shingles on the roof. Although this is the most durable of the materials offered, it is also the most expensive of all the options that are available to a homeowner looking to get their roofs replaced.
What Happens When We Don’t Recycle Our Gadgets? - You could simply get more use out of the gadgets you own. Sure, new models are being released all the time, but that doesn’t mean you automatically need to rush out and buy them all up. Try to use your devices a little longer so you can get the most life out of them.

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Correction is one of our greatest allies. The eraser, white-out, and the backspace key all give us the supreme power to take back what we have done and improve upon it. Imagine typing an email (letter, I guess) on a typewriter. Every keystroke counts. Every keystroke is final, absolute. What a terrifying prospect. Imagine the energy it would take to write something under such strict demands. *Shudder*. No, thank you. With the ability to correct our actions, we can relax and be flexible. Try something out, see if it works; if not, just correct it. With this licence to make mistakes comes an undeniable freedom. The dirty side of correction is that even if we can correct something, the original version exists somewhere. Some one will have read that typo before you catch it and correct it. The disgusting, indecent, erring version can haunt you. The ability to correct can also grab hold of a person and drive them to insanity. The song must be perfect. There can be no mistakes in this document. This risotto must have the ideal balance of savory herbs and bright citrus. This month at (Cult)ure, we take a look at the things in our cultural landscape that need to be righted. We also ask the question, “When is a mistake a good thing?” PBS tree painting icon Bob Ross called mistakes “happy accidents,” and maybe he was on to something. No, wait. Let us correct that. He wasn’t.


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