The ancient combat sport of Muay Thai or Thai boxing serves as good self-defense and physical exercise. But after hours of stand-up striking and a combination of clinching techniques, trainers can find their whole body sore and their mind exhausted. Recovering quickly is key to consistent training and expanding your skill set as a mixed martial arts fighter. Here are five recovery tips to speed up the recovery phase of your training, which is as important as the training itself.

1. Hydrate

Hydration is an important part of your pre-workout and can greatly affect your performance during training. However, post-workout hydration is something that’s commonly overlooked. Drinking water during recovery cools down your body temperature and allows for more than half of all chemical reactions happening in the body. It also improves the movement of nutrients, blood flow, and disposal of waste in the body.

2. Eat Right

After a rigorous training session, your body’s muscles have small tears that require repairing. For these muscles to heal and be ready for the next training session, eat complete proteins that contain adequate amounts of amino acid. Complete proteins include white meat, fish, and eggs. While grains, beans, and nuts are popular choices for healthy proteins, they tend to be incomplete and inadequate for a full and speedy recover.

3. Eat Often

A well-balanced diet is no use if you consume it in the wrong meal portions or frequencies. Make it a habit to eat every two or three hours to keep the flow of complex carbohydrates and proteins steady. Your muscles will need this continuous infusion of amino acids and glucose to stimulate fast recovery by maintaining an anabolistic state. Note that amino acids only have a fixed lifespan and eating frequently makes sure they get used for muscle recovery.

4. Sleep

Sleep and a well-balanced diet go hand in hand when it comes to overall health and wellness. It’s also probably overstated that you need at least 8 hours of sleep to lead a healthy life. When it comes to post-training recovery, however, sleep plays a pivotal role. The body undergoes stress as muscles get torn and damaged. It needs time to recover. Taking at least six hours of sleep allows your body to enter its recovery mode wherein natural healing processes in the body take place.¬†For additional insights, you may want to visit Lanna MMA to learn more information.

5. Stretch

Stretching is a popular pre-workout routine, but it’s also beneficial for post-training. Stretching helps alleviate muscle and joint tension. Mixing it with some yoga techniques can also stabilize your breathing and help your body relax faster so that it can start its recovery.

These five recovery tips should be practiced after every training session. It will affect how your body heals up its injuries and how well you perform during your next training session.


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