SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: L-R: Top 16 contestants Dareian Kujawa and Janelle Issis perform a Cha Cha routine to "Call Me Maybe" choreographed by Pasha Kovalev on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Wednesday, July 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose

Smell ya later, Janelle. 

Major apologies for how behind we are here. I have been away. We pick back up after a two week hiatus for the Olympics (and my absence on top of that). I miss the Olympics, y’all. Four weeks ago, I thought that Janelle deserved to be in the bottom, and I still do, of course. Tiffany and George also had to deal with a crappy NappyTabs routine. We will find out who gets ousted from those performances at the end of this show, which is ENDLESSLY CONFUSING. Cat introduces some nonsense that I don’t care to talk about, and then shows us a pretty cute picture of NappyTabs’ new little baby. She also shares that this entire episode is a tribute to Mia Michaels, who has choreographed some of this show’s most beautiful routines. Mama Mia is in the audience (with her crazy hair), and we learn that tonight’s show will feature 7 recreations of Mia’s most famous routines. This should be fun.

The guest judges tonight are two founders of some sort of ballet thing (I was ignoring it because I thought it was just a promo), they are the “Ballet Boys”, Michael and Billy.

Due to the limitations of time and the fact that I am so far behind on recaps (classic me, right guys?), I am not going to spend too much time talking about group routines anymore. I haven’t the time. Quickly, this one is pretty cool.

Eliana and Cyrus are up first, and they are doing “the door” routine originated by Twitch and Katee. They struggle in rehearsals because the serious and sexy nature of the dance isn’t really working. I don’t think it really works in the dance, either. It also doesn’t help that Cyrus doesn’t really dance in it, he just walks around while Eliana does all the work. Cat hilariously gets all mad at Cyrus for his treatment of Eliana in the dance. Judges’ comments (in overview form this week): Cyrus isn’t a very good dancer, Eliana is amazing.

Tiffany and George get their shot next, and they will be recreating Katee and Joshua’s “hometown glory” routine. This is the one with that badass assisted running thing. Hcore, people. I did see the original of this routine, and I think Tiffany and George are able to live up to it. Pretty damn good. Judges comments: they freaking killed it, but sometimes were performing two solos. George was finally able to shine.

Amelia and Will are next, and I am excited to see them perform some Mia Michaels. I forgot how much I enjoy Will. He is so chubby (for a dancer, and not at all). They have to dance something called “the butt dance”. Yeesh. I haven’t seen this one before, and it is a little weird. Amelia is styled like a coked-out lady of the evening (particularly her hair); I don’t know if that was the intent. She is also wearing some really strange butt cover (The Peanut Gallery’s term), and when her little skirt flips up it is very distracting. I guess the dance is cool, but it is also really weird. Judges: Nigel is a pervert, who really liked the original butt. Mary wins me over by saying “bum”. A proper lady.

Janelle and Dareian are dancing to “the bed” routine originated by Kherington and Twitch. Janelle tells Mia Michaels that her relationship is having problems, and I audibly boo. Mia Michaels doesn’t give one shit about you, honey, and neither do I. Do other people have this much dislike for Janelle, or is it just me? Given this bias, I do think that Dareian is the better dancer here, but I always do. Janelle is just a cliched dancer. Judges: Dareian’s one foot is the worst. Janelle’s hair is more interesting than her dancing. Dareian’s technique is stronger than Twitch, but he lacks the passion.

Audrey and Matthew will be dancing a memorial dance for Mia’s dad originated by Lacey and someone I missed because I was explaining to PG that Lacey dyed her hair a trashy blonde when she moved over toDancing with the Stars. Sorry people, these are the breaks this week. The dance is light and pretty, but Matt’s costume is distracting because his suit doesn’t fit. Judges: Mary takes it to a very personal place by talking about her father’s lung cancer diagnosis, and it is a little hard to watch. Judges on the whole didn’t love Matthew. Nigel asks the dancers weird questions about when Mia’s father died and who he was (mostly weird because they clearly don’t know the answers), by way of making the point that they kind of botched it up. Matthew says that Mia’s dad was the Marlborough Man, which research confirms, but it is so strange. Nigel says he was a “song and dance man”, as if that is something people know about. It ends very awkwardly.

Witney and Chehon get to follow that delight. They will be doing the “bench” routine by Travis Wall and Heidi. The dance is decent, Chehon is a very strong dancer. I don’t love Witney, and I don’t think she brought as much to the dance as others could have. Judges: the technique was strong, but the story was less strong (and the story is a long and personal one about how Mia fell in love with a gay guy, which we have to hear through Nigel).

Lindsay and Cole are up next, and will be dancing “the addiction” dance originated by Kayla and Kupono. The Peanut Gallery rightfully points out that the song here, “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles, has lost most of its gravitas because now she only pictures Pierce Hawthorne double-dutching. Cole is really bringing it to this routine; he is really strong and controlled, to a frightening level (which works because he is drugs). Lindsay does less well, but I don’t like her much either (man, I am really hatin’ on the ladies tonight). I guess she isn’t terrible, but Cole was really damn good. Judges: Loved it. It is Mia’s best routine, and they were great. Cole scared the knickers off Grampy Nigel. Apparently the Lindsay hate was just me, so I will scale it back.

After those dances, we head over to the elimination centre, where we learn that George, Dareian, and Matthew are in the bottom 3 for the guys. Amelia, Janelle, and Lindsay are the bottom three for the girls. Yikes. George and Matthew are both strong dancers, and are certainly stronger than Cyrus. All 6 of the dancers will dance a solo, mostly because the show has that much time left. I am sure the judges have already picked who they will save (they only get to save one guy and one girl, so 4 people will be going home tonight).

The judges choose to save Lindsay and George, which means we say goodbye to Amelia, Janelle, Matthew and Dareian.

More assisted running 

  • Hey, FOX, telling people that The New Normal is brought to us by the creator of Glee will not make them watch it. #justsayin
  • One thing that didn’t work as well as it could have in the show is the “favourite dances” angle. You would think fans would like to see these recreations, but we are still so early in the competition that not all of the dancers are great. These routines became famous because of the choreography AND the talent of the people who danced them (at different points in the competition). Almost all of the dances tonight didn’t live up to the original, and I think that is why.
  • I am so glad to see Janelle go. She sucked. I am sad that Matthew had to leave, but it isn’t a shocker given the routine that the voting was based on last week (this terrible format means that I had to look up what that was, a lackluster salsa).
  •  The Peanut Gallery is thrilled that Amelia was dumped, and I am afraid I have to agree. She never performed beyond her created persona of being “cute and quirky”, which isn’t talent. I am excited to see Will paired with someone better.
  • The show REALLY wants Cyrus to win, don’t they? I am tired of him not dancing because he doesn’t know how. Time to kick him off (but let him come on the tour to dance his crazy robot stuff, which is awesome).
  • Based on this week’s eligible dancers, I think Tiffany and Whitney might be in trouble, along with Chehon and Cyrus (Cyrus won’t be, but he should be).