Vape Culture

Smoking has long been seen as an ideal way to relax and unwind after a hard day, but of course modern times have shown us the health dangers such behavior creates. Fortunately, smoking fans have an alternative method that can be just as relaxing, without those unwanted health side effects. We're talking of course about vaporizers and e-cigarettes, which give users a perfect option when they're looking to light up with friends and still keep their lungs clean and white. You may have heard about this “vape culture” online and in the media, but what exactly does it mean?

The Rise of These Items

While electronic smoking devices have been around for at least a decade, they have only more recently come into prominence, after proper marketing and a real consumer push made it clear that shoppers wanted to have these items more readily available. This stems from the aforementioned health consciousness of consumers post-millennium, as well as from a successful campaign from health groups like the Federal Drug Administration to push the public in a new direction when it comes to smoking habits. This change saw a real boom in the vaporizer market, leading to its current popularity.

What The Words Mean

While most people have heard of terms like like vape and e-cigarette, they might not be clear on what each word means. These terms refer to what is known as an inhalation device, which can refer to any type of item used to vaporize a substance. As such, a vaporizer can mean a small device that vaporizes substances for medical use, or a device used to recreate a cigarette smoking device. An e-cigarette, in turn, refers only to those inhalation devices used to recreate the experience of smoking tobacco. In short, all e-cigs are vaporizers, but not all vapes are e-cigs.

The Culture

As discussed previously, the boom in the e-cig market led to a need for more marketing surrounding the products, which in turn influenced what we know as “vape culture.” This refers to the culture of shops, cafes and online retail opportunities consumers have at their disposal for enjoying and using their e-cigs. In some areas, inhalation cafes and shops are grouped near one another, inviting in groups of friends to spend time unwinding and trading stories. In a very European way, this takes away the stigma sometimes associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, leaving users free to enjoy a salon-like atmosphere akin to 1920s Paris.

It really is up to each individual to make the choice as to whether or not they want to switch to inhalation devices. But if you find yourself mulling that decision, it is good to know that there is an established, reputable alternative.