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If you have noticed that fanny packs are not just for senior citizens now, you are not alone. More people than ever before are choosing to don a fanny pack, and some of these people are young hipsters. In fact, many hipsters have incorporated the look of a fanny pack into their style of dress, and you may be wondering what the appeal of a fanny pack is to this particular subculture. With a closer look, you may discover several reasons why you want to purchase a cute fanny pack for your own look.

♡ Practicality

Fanny packs are highly noticeable accessories, and this is because they take a central position in a person’s midsection. Some people where them slouched off to the left, and others secure them in the rear or in the front and center position around their navel. Regardless of how they are worn, they serve the practical purpose of storing your belongings with ease. They can store your cash and credit cards, your makeup, your cell phone, your car keys and various other items that you normally would store in a purse, a wallet or even your own pockets. While the practicality of fanny packs may be one reason why they are increasing in popularity in this subculture and with countless others, there are other reasons why you may want to wear a fanny pack.

♡ Independent Thinking

Many people can identify hipsters by their unique look. They typically have shaggy hair cuts and wear vintage clothing. However, their culture is about more than just dressing in a different manner than others. They also value independent, free thinking, and they openly share great ideas with one another. Fanny packs may have been shunned by some in the mainstream for not being cool to wear for several decades, but hipsters have found that fanny packs serve a functional purpose and are more convenient to use for storage than purses, wallets and pockets. More than that, they have the added benefit of security, and this is because it is harder for a mugger steal a fanny pack than to grab your purse or a wallet that is sticking out of the top of your jeans.

♡ Hipster Culture

Hipsters are one of the main subcultures that are helping to bring fanny packs back into the mainstream, but they are not alone. For example, athletes and sports enthusiasts also value fanny packs because of their practicality, and they continue to be popular among senior citizens for the same reason. If you are looking for a functional way to get rid of your purse or wallet, consider the benefits of using a fanny pack.